Members of chambers have significant experience in international law, particularly in International Criminal Tribunals including appeals and in relation to extradition. Carmelite chambers prides itself in the range of quality advocates who are able to undertake advisory, consultancy and adversarial work on Genocide, Crimes against Humanity and War Crimes across all of the International Courts and Tribunals.

Members of Chambers frequently advise on areas where International Criminal Law encroaches on domestic cases. This is becoming increasingly common where there are overlaps with International Humanitarian Law, Human Rights, Terrorism as an international crime, and Extradition.

Chambers has a long established history in Commonwealth law work. We advise and represent in the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council. In addition, our members have worked with Commonwealth governments in the development of criminal law.

Members regularly advise and appear in legally complex, cases even concerning extraterritorial and universal jurisdiction and aspects of foreign law. This includes substantial experience acting in major extradition proceedings.

Several members also have experience in dealing with death penalty cases abroad and also teach, train and lecture practitioners on the other subject. Members frequently act on a pro bono basis on individual cases in a number of jurisdictions, including the USA, Indonesia, and Pakistan. 

Individuals in chambers represent those who appear a number of international tribunals, including the IRMCT. 

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