Carmelite Chambers has a long standing reputation as a leading set in the field of fraud and financial crime. Our members have appeared in a high proportion of the largest and most prominent fraud trials in recent years. Their wide experience in cases of fraud, money laundering and tax evasion enable them to give specialist advice to clients facing investigation at every level. 

Barristers at Carmelite Chambers regularly represent financial professionals – accountants, bankers, dealers, brokers, fund managers, IFA’s, solicitors and others who face allegations of fraud  in the criminal courts. They   have appeared in the most complex cases of market manipulation and financial corruption to have ben prosecuted in the UK. They are frequently asked to advise clients in other jurisdictions in related cases and investigations. 

Our members deal with all types of financial crime, including:

  • Investment fraud 
  • Market abuse and rate manipulation 
  • Insider dealing 
  • Bribery and corruption 
  • Money laundering
  • EU fraud including MTIC fraud 
  • Other forms of VAT fraud
  • Building and construction fraud 
  • Personal and corporate tax evasion 
  • Advance fee fraud
  • Mortgage and loan fraud 
  • Election fraud
  • Carbon credit fraud
  • Insolvency fraud 
  • Company law offences

Members of Carmelite Chambers have developed skills in these – and other more specific areas of financial crime - over many years. They understand financial markets  - the way they work and they ways in which they are abused. They are familiar with balance sheets, auditing systems, banking policies and accounting procedures. They have dealt with almost every form of financial corruption – and can cross-examine professionals and expert witnesses confidently and  from a position of specialist knowledge and  understanding.  They have wide experience of dealing with investigative and regulatory    authorities  – the SFO, FCA, NCA and specialist divisions of HMRC. They are regularly instructed to advise   and represent clients who want to resolve investigations without prosecution.

Our members attach great importance to offering a continuity of service –  a service which begins in  the first days  of investigation and gives  clients the confidence  of knowing that they have access to expert support and advice at all times – and the  highest level of representation in any court proceedings. By maintaining this level of dedicated service, Carmelite Chambers has achieved a enviable position as the  set of choice for all forms of financial crime .

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