Members of Carmelite Chambers have very wide experience in all areas of practice relating to the proceeds of crime – and their confiscation and recovery. This is an important part of Chambers’ specialist service in the field of financial crime. 

Our members deal with confiscation proceedings in the criminal courts at the most complex level. They are adept at   helping clients to deal with the minefields of POCA and every part of the tangled legal and procedural maze that modern confiscation cases can involve. They know there are wide range of possible outcomes in many cases – and that cutting edge knowledge and good strategy can make a real difference to a client’s position .

Our members have also developed rare expertise in the fields of civil recovery and asset forfeiture. They regularly defend civil recovery cases brought in the High Court under Part 5 of POCA and ancillary applications to secure property freezing orders. They are used to achieving exclusion orders which enable clients to live, to run businesses and to pay their legal expenses while these proceedings are ongoing. 

Modern practice in this area is developing fast. Our members are equipped to deal with all aspects of it  including Unexplained Wealth Orders and criminal taxation proceedings, and now act on a very regular basis in cases brought under section 303Z to freeze and potentially forfeit money held in individual bank accounts (Account freeing and forfeiture orders). Our members know how to deal with the NCA and other authorities – and are adept at protecting the interests of clients who are faced with these orders. They also have wide experience of cash forfeiture proceedings.

A number of barristers at Carmelite Chambers combine criminal and civil experience. This has enable them to work at the forefront of international asset recovery cases where a knowledge of foreign asset recovery law and reciprocal enforcement provisions is essential. This is a developing area of practice internationally - and our members speak to audiences in different jurisdictions about this important subject. They have been involved in the creation and  development of asset recovery regimes in dependent territories and elsewhere.

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