Chloe Birch
Chloe Birch

Successful application to dismiss made by Chloe Birch

Following legal argument at Snaresbrook Crown Court, Chloe Birch was successful in an application to dismiss a case of possession of an offensive weapon. The item in question was a crowbar.  

Chloe’s client had made a number of comments to Essex Police which officers believed showed an intention to seek retribution for, and recovery of, stolen goods from a dwelling burglary on his premises. Some of these messages made reference to a crowbar and a gun. Shortly after being seen by police with a crowbar in hand, Chloe’s client was arrested at the scene of the threatened action. After careful consideration of body-worn footage from the scene, as well as the correspondence with officers, Chloe was able to argue the lack of any evidence which demonstrated a specific intention to cause injury to another person.

The case being formally dismissed means Chloe’s client maintains their good character and no longer has to await a jury trial in 2022.  Chloe was instructed by Montserrat Casadell from ITN Solicitors.