Carmelite Chambers offers members of the public the opportunity to instruct barrister under the Direct Access scheme.

Carmelite Chambers is leading the way in Direct Access work, which gives our clients direct ‘one to one’ access to the specialised skills of members of chambers. Members of the public, and commercial and non-commercial organisations are able to instruct barristers directly at Carmelite Chambers. They can do this when it is not necessary to be supported by a solicitor. This allows clients to take charge of their litigation and save on the cost of additional legal support. 

For many cases the direct access scheme allows you to go directly to the expert barrister for advice, representation and drafting. Direct access can save invaluable time and expense, whilst providing a highly personalised service. Members of chambers are specially-trained to undertake this work. With the changes to the legal aid system that are taking place, there will be those clients that are no longer entitled to legal aid. Direct access provides these clients with a more cost-effective means to quality legal advice and representation than previously available.

Feel free to contact a member of clerking team to discuss your case. 

Direct Access Team