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Carmelite Chambers is a leading criminal set which provides comprehensive advocacy and advice in the field of terrorism. Members of Chambers are always available to provide advice and assistance in these difficult cases at any stage of the proceedings, including pre-charge detention. At a time when the balance between national security and liberty of the subject has never been more acutely felt this is an important part of Chambers work and one that has resulted in increased importance and speciality in recent times as the individual profiles of certain specialist members demonstrates.

Chambers’ expertise in the field of terrorism law extends back many years and several members of chambers have experience of defending in ‘IRA’ trials, the Lockerbie bombing, and the Israeli Embassy bombing. Such historic experience extends both to criminal prosecutions and civil enquiries.

Terrorism legislation and case law has developed rapidly in the recent past. Against this background members of Carmelite Chambers have been involved in many of the significant cases in recent times involving allegations of both domestic and international terrorism. Furthermore several of its members have lectured on the growing impact of the terrorism legislation and in particular the contentious issue of control orders.
Members of chambers were involved in the prosecutions arising out of the attempted bombings of the London transport network in July 2005 and most recently in the alleged recruitment of young people to become involved in and fight for extreme causes.

Further specific cases can be seen in the relevant profiles of individual members. Chambers work in this field extends not only to trial work and the necessary work ancillary to this, but also pre charge work and the advising of solicitors when alleged suspects have been detained under the often draconian terrorism legislation.