Sexual Offences

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Chambers can offer a broad range of practitioners who are experienced in this difficult and most sensitive area of the law. From those charged with indecent exposure to those facing allegations of the most serious of serial rapes; all can be assured of being represented by experienced advocates who are able to deal appropriately with the unique difficulties presented by these types of cases.

We recognise the need to deal sensitively, but objectively, with the particular embarrassment and concern that defendants and their families will feel because of the antipathy that such offences engender, and we seek always to offer the appropriate level of skill, experience and personality to deal with the individual cases.

Our team of practitioners are able to offer a wealth of knowledge and a depth of experience in the full range of these offences both those of a historic nature (charged under previous Acts of Parliament) as well as the vast number of new offences created by the Sexual Offences Act 2003. We are adept at overcoming the complexities of conducting these trials such as: conducting sensitive but effective cross examinations, jumping the hurdles on the restrictions of cross examination peculiar to these type of offences and  neutralising the possible prejudices of the jurors.