Public and Prison law

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Carmelite Chambers has significant experience in challenging the decisions of public bodies including the courts, prisons and the police in judicial review cases.  We are always ready to advise and act quickly, as it required in this area of the law. We are alive to these issues when they arise in criminal cases upon which we are instructed but we can also advise on discrete points.

Carmelite Chambers provides specialist advice and representation in the arena of prison law and prisoners right.  We have expertise which covers the range of issues that can arise for prisoners post-conviction, demonstrating the services we provide do not end with proceedings in the criminal courts.  We provide representation for adjudication and parole hearings, as well as specialist advice on making representations to prison authorities/the Parole Board and on the prospects of Judicial Review arising from prison law issues.  Areas which we regularly consider include categorisation decisions, prison conditions, parole and licence conditions on release.