Military Law

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Carmelite Chambers has over the last 10 years become one of the leading sets in the country for military law. Members of Chambers have represented Soldiers and Officer’s in many jurisdictions including Germany, Cyprus, Belize, Kenya, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Specialists in their fields, they have been involved in every alleged Iraqi abuse case arising from Operation Telic 1-6. They successfully defended in the original Iraqi abuse trial, “Operation Breadbasket”, held over 3 months in Osnabruck, and have further represented core participants in the Baha Mousa Public Inquiry. This Inquiry arose out of the original war crime’s trial that was held at Bulford Camp. The trial, involving two members of Chambers, William England, being led by the Legendary Dick Ferguson QC, resulted in the defendant’s acquittal. The trial is still one of the longest running court’s martial in history.

Other notable cases include multiple counts of attempted Murder at Osnabruck, the Parachute Regiment’s alleged roadside killing at Al amarah, and the alleged rape of an American soldier by a British soldier in Kuwait.  Chambers recognises that Soldiers and servicemen are often overseas on deployment, and therefore it enjoys VTC facilities. These enable counsel and instructing solicitors to conduct conferences or attend hearings via video link in chambers to theatre or Camp, or in exceptional circumstances when soldiers are on exercise.

Chambers willingly accepts instructions from some the most experienced and prestigious solicitors in the field and directly from Armed Forces Criminal Legal Aid (AFCLAA). Soldiers are entitled to request the services of members of Chambers directly, through AFCLAA.