Appeals and CCRC

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Members of Carmelite Chambers recognise that matters do not necessarily conclude with conviction, sentence or ruling on the law.  As such we are a national leader in all areas of criminal appellate work. Members of chambers practice in all appellate tribunals. Our barristers appear in the Court of Appeal on a daily basis and frequently appear in landmark cases. We appeared regularly in the House of Lords and our counsel have been involved in significant cases in the new Supreme Court.

In addition, many of our barristers have highly specialised areas of expertise and as such are continually sought out to advise and appear in niche and unusual cases. It is not unusual for complex matters to be referred to us for specialised appellate work.

Certain members of Chambers also have discrete appellate practices. They advise on old or concluded matters and will recommend new applications to the Court of Appeal or the Criminal Cases Review Commission.  Carmelite Chambers has a history of high profile success in this area.

Chambers also has an international appellate dimension.  Our barristers continue to advise on  international human rights and Privy Council appeals.