At any one time members of Carmelite Chambers will be involved in different projects either individually or collectively. 

Carmelite Chambers works on a number of projects which aim to bridge the access to justice gap.

Chambers works closely with other non-profit organisations. These include international and national organisations, such as the Centre for Criminal Appeals, the Bar Pro Bono Unit and Reprieve, as well as smaller community groups, such as Lawyers in the Soup Kitchen based in south London. Our contribution includes advocacy and advisory work. 

Individual members of chambers also provide direct representation to individuals who would otherwise go unrepresented. Recently, Felicity Gerry QC assisted pro bono in the representation for #Afusat who was deported despite wishing to protect her children from FGM.

The work of our members has attracted praise in the legal community.

Carmelite Chambers offers its legal skills to assist community groups.

In autumn 2017 Paul Duester and Marie Spenwyn delivered training to a team of rangers working for the City of London at their Burnham Beeches conservation area.  The rangers have powers to enforce bye-laws and orders relating to animal control and requested some training in giving evidence at court as well as to gain a general understanding of the courts system to be best prepared.  The rangers participated in a cross-examination exercise specially developed for the session.

Carmelite Chambers is involved in a number of student initiatives which aim to provide support and assistance to future members of the bar and the legal community.

Carmelite Chambers was approached by BPP Pro Bono Centre to work with them on training the students who work within their streetlaw probject. This is an education initiative where students go into prisons, young offenders institutions, schools and charities to seek to educate on aspects of the law.  Carmelite Chambers has worked with BPP to develop the content of the presentations they deliver on criminal law to include gang crime, joint enterprise, knife crime and gun crime.  We provide training sessions for student on how to most effectively deliver the presentations giving them advice (through demonstrations and role-play) as to how to deal with what can be a challenging audience.  This is an on-going collaboration and we are delighted to work with BPP and continue to assist them in this project.  Members of chambers participating in the project currently are: Marie Spenwyn, Laura Hocknell, Sarah Day and Sahara Fergus-Simms with the assistance of our current pupils. For further information, click here

Felicity Gerry QC co-ordinates an Indigenous Justice and Exoneration Project in the Northern Territory of Australia. To support Felicity’s valuable work with the project Carmelite Chambers has sponsored an Indigenous law student to come to Middle Temple as part of the Bilata Legal Pathways Program to increase the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People studying Law. For media interest, click here and here.