Ex-Soldier sentenced at Swansea Crown Court for ‘mercy killing’ of his Grandmother.

Barry Rogers, with his mother Penny John, was charged with the murder of Betty Guy, his grandmother. It was alleged that Rogers had smothered Betty Guy with a pillow in November 2011 after Penny John had sedated her with tablets crushed up in whiskey.
Originally the cause of Betty Guy’s death was believed to be natural causes and she was cremated four days later. However Rogers and John were arrested in 2016 when an ex-partner of Rogers told the police about a confession Rogers had made to her. Two other ex-partners were spoken to by police who confirmed that admissions of responsibility had been made to them too.
Rogers and John were arrested and a covert audio surveillance device was placed in John’s home. For four days following their release on bail their conversations were listened to. The incriminating contents of these recordings, and the alleged admissions formed the basis of the prosecution case. Two forensic pathologists gave evidence as did Betty Guy’s GP who had signd the original death certificate.

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Date: 09/02/2018