Barry Kogan represented Oliver Mears, a 19 year-old Oxford Undergraduate, who faced allegations of rape and serious sexual assault, having been arrested while still a schoolboy.

The case had hung over his head for two years, until, 3 days before his trial was due to commence at Guildford Crown Court, the prosecution offered no evidence against him.
The defence had long been seeking disclosure of evidence, including the complainant’s diary and other digital records; the eventual examination of these by the CPS was an important reason behind their decision to drop the case. Surrey Police have accepted that there were flaws in their investigation, and the head of the CPS serious sexual offences unit has been ordered to provide a full explanation to the trial Judge as to what went wrong.
You can read more about this case, for example, on the BBC news website, under the heading ‘Oxford student Oliver Mears rape case dropped by CPS.’
Barry Kogan was instructed by Philip Longes, of Cowans Solicitors, Dorking.

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Date: 22/01/2018