Chambers’ announcement on proposed AGFS scheme

Members of Carmelite Chambers fully support the Criminal Bar Association's announcement on action to secure investment in the Criminal Justice System generally and AGFS fees in particular. We will not be accepting new Crown Court work with representation orders dated from 1st April. Carmelite Chambers is nationally recognised as a leading criminal defence set particularly in serious fraud. Large and successful chambers like ours underpin the CJS, providing first class defence advocacy, and training and pupillages for future generations of advocates. The relentless cuts over many years threaten the future of the criminal Bar, and the viability of the chambers system which safeguards most efficiently high quality publicly funded advocacy. Solicitors are facing similar threats to their viability. The time has come to act. Members of Carmelite Chambers unanimously supported taking the necessary action in the CBA survey. We hope all chambers and our solicitor colleagues will join with us

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Date: 30/03/2018