Carmelite Chambers Lecture - Mental Health in the Criminal Justice System

Many people who come before the criminal courts suffer with severe mental illness. It is critical that such individuals are assessed and diagnosed at a very early stage of the process so consideration can be given as to whether the Criminal Justice System is the appropriate forum in their case.

If it is the right venue, how they can engage in the trial process with the relevant support to meet their needs and diagnosed condition. The Sentencing Council launched a consultation in April 2019 on the proposed guidance for sentencing offenders with mental health conditions and disorders. It is the first time there will be specific sentencing guidelines in this area.

At our seminar on 28th November 2019 we will bring together experts in the field of mental health working within the Criminal Justice System to discuss the challenges faced by individuals with autism, brain injury, substance misuse disorders and dementia to name but a few of the mental health conditions faced by individuals who come before the criminal courts.



Legal Director, Just For Kids Law

Deputy Director of The Centre For Mental Health

Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist

with contributions from ALEXANDRA SCOTT, both from Carmelite Chambers


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event information

Date: 28/11/2019

Time: Registration at 5.30pm. Seminar will commence at 5.45pm

Venue: Carmelite Chambers Library, 9 Carmelite Street, London, EC4Y 0DR