Carmelite Chambers Lecture - Account Freezing Orders and Cash Forfeiture

How to advise clients whose accounts have been frozen under the new Account Freezing Orders regime. How do these orders work in practice and how can they be challenged? What are the best ways to protect legitimate funds from forfeiture – or to deal with orders based on overseas corruption? Can a   variation be sought for legal expenses? With cash seizure does the client have to prove that his seized cash is legitimate? Can cases be settled? What about costs? 

Charles and Jonathan will be providing practical answers to practical questions about AFO’s, cash forfeiture and High Court civil recovery under Part 5 of POCA – expanding areas which will continue to grow.


Charles is Head of Carmelite Chambers and a recognized authority on all aspects of fraud and money laundering. He is highly regarded and much in demand for work of this nature.  He has been involved in a number of AFO’s cases since their introduction in 2018. 


Jonathan is a leading junior in Chambers in the field of fraud and white collar crime generally with a particular specialism in Part 5 of POCA, he was junior counsel in the first High Court civil recovery case to go to the Supreme Court (SOCA v Gale) and was counsel in the case of Angus v UKBA which remains the leading authority of the test for cash forfeiture.


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event information

Date: 03/10/2019

Time: Registration is at 5.30pm and the lecture will commence at 5.45pm

Venue: Carmelite Chambers Library, 9 Carmelite Street, London, EC4Y 0DR