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Military Law

Operation Breadbasket: The first Iraqi abuse case to arise out of OperationTelic, often referred to as Britain’s’ Abu Gharib. BBC News, The Guardian, Ministry of Defence website, and The Telegraph
Roadside killing in Al-Ferkah: The case involved the death of an 18-year-old who was alleged to have died following an attack on Iraqi civilians in al-Ferkah, southern Iraq, in May 2003. The Parachute Regiment soldiers always denied murder and violent disorder. BBC News and The Guardian
Belize Murder: The case involved Three Gurkhas, who were acquitted of the involvement in the death of a teenage boy at a strip club in Belize. The riflemen, who were cleared at a court martial, were among 30 soldiers celebrating the end of a one month jungle training exercise when a fight broke out between Gurkhas and teenagers at the brothel and club. The Guardian, BBC News, High Beam and The Telegraph