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Homicide and Corporate Manslaughter

R v Adrian Ashley: Three Incident Commanders prosecuted for Negligent Act Manslaughter, the case involved a warehouse fire in Atherstone on Stour, Warwickshire, and the subsequent death of four fire fighters. Sky News, BBC News article 1, BBC News article 2, BBC News article 3

R v David Sterling: The case involved the attempted murder and shooting of two victims in a botched robbery. Met Police website and The Evening Standard

R v Dwayne Edgar: The case involved a drug related murder in Cardiff, relating to drugs  “turf war”. Wales Online and BBC News

R v Jason Fitzgibbon: The case involved Britain’s oldest stabbing victim, a 62 year old man, who had looked after his 100 year old Mother for many years, stabbed her. BBC News article 1 and article 2

R v Edwards: The case involved an alleged baby shaking murder. BBC News and The Sun