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Fraud and Financial Crime

R v Lindsey Leonard. Operation Bamburgh, the case involved £300 million mortgage frauds in the North of England. Successful defence of company director. Darlington and Stockton Times and The Northern Echo.

R v Tunney: The case involved an alleged fraud on the European contingency fund, All four defendants were accused of being part of fraud involving two County Durham companies, which were paid to provide training courses to help disadvantaged people in the North-East find work. Tunney was one of the directors of Development and Research Initiatives Limited and Meteor Enterprises Limited at the time of the offences. The Northern Echo.

R v Fryett: The case involved the Managing director of Carbon Credited Farming and the chairman of the Sustainable Growth Group, who was accused of corporate blackmail, over an agreement to invest in another Bio fuel company. The defendant was acquitted on the direction of the trial Judge on the first day of a six-week trial.

R v Ohara: The case involved conspiracy to commit fraud. Between 2007 and 2010 the gang, from the Leicestershire area, committed 29 offences across the country – including four offences in Staffordshire – targeting elderly and vulnerable people. The five defendants were subject to an Attorney General’s reference. Stafford Police website, Coventry Telegraph and Birmingham Mail

R v Spears: Operation Millipede, the case was the result of a long-running inquiry by the Serious Organised Crime Agency focusing on the illegal practice of "pretexting", commonly known as "blagging". BBC News and The Telegraph

R v Petroskovky: The case involved an international art fraud, one of the UK's most prolific and accomplished art fraudsters, responsible for creating forged artwork potentially worth hundreds of thousands of pounds. The forged art imitated a range of artists including Sayed Haider Raza, Francis Newton Souza, Jilali Gharbaoui, Sadanand Bakre, Maqbool Fida Husain; Welsh landscape painter Kyffin Williams, and English surrealist and modernist artist John Tundra. It is believed the paintings have been released onto the UK market over a five-year period. Operation Sketch - a proactive operation led by the Metropolitan Police Service's Art and Antiques Unit, supported by ArtBeat Special Constables - identified the scam in April 2009 after they were contacted by a major London auction house which had identified an unusually high number of paintings offered for sale by artist Maqbool Fida Husain. Met Police website, Jessica Franses and The Daily Mail.