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General Crime

R v K (Snaresbrook CC) – Instructed to represent defendant charged with stalking with fear of violence.  After pressing for full disclosure of phone evidence and translations, Crown accept plea to simple stalking offence

R v F (Blackfriars CC) – Instructed to represent in assault occasioning actual bodily harm against neighbour, where the incident was recorded on CCTV

R v G (Inner London CC) – Represented defendant in trial for multiple counts of possession with intent to supply of both Class A and B drugs and possession of criminal property, following extensive legal argument on disclosure of phone evidence

R v C (Wood Green CC) – Represented Defendant who pleaded to a charge of voyeurism, where complainant had not been open about his sexuality.  Defendant received a suspended sentence.

R v O (Harrow CC) – Case of theft and assault against a delivery driver dismissed at close of the Crown’s case

R v M (Inner London CC) –  After making lengthy representations that the decision to prosecute the charge of obstructing a drugs search under s23 Misuse of Drugs Act was inconsistent with the decision to discontinue a charge of possession with intent to supply Class A, the Crown offer no evidence on the day of trial

R v MH (Stratford YC) – Defendant and co-defendants acquitted of robbery following submissions that key parts of the Crown’s evidence were inadmissible

R v KM (Ealing YC) – Secured a conditional discharge for possession of bladed article in prison

R v JM (Willesden MC) – Defendant acquitted of being a responsible person permitting/failing to prevent unnecessary suffering to an animal.  Defendant had pleaded to being in possession of a fighting dog but Crown’s application for a Destruction Order was successfully opposed in favour of a Contingent Destruction Order

R v LM (Croydon MC) – Defendant acquitted of assault by beating against her neighbour after robust cross-examination of the complainant, despite evidence of the Defendant’s bad character (assaults against neighbours) being admitted into evidence

R v M and P (Staines MC) – Representing two Defendants acquitted of assault by beating after cross-examination of 14 year old complainant and grandmother

R v G (Uxbridge MC) – Dismissal at half time of a charge of assault by beating where there was a supposed ‘confession’ in interview after cross-examination of interviewing officer in respect of flaws in questioning.  Defendant was deaf and accompanying gestures indicated his ‘confession’ was equivocal at best

R v C (Stratford MC) – Defendant acquitted of criminal damage (domestic violence) after legal submissions in respect of belief in consent

R v F (Highbury MC) – Charge of harassment dismissed at half time after submissions that the prosecution could not establish a course of conduct

R v FC (Willesden MC) – Charge of harassment dismissed at half time after submissions that there was no evidence to link the defendant to the alleged incidents

R v LC (City of London MC) – Successfully argued Special Reasons (spiked drink) for driving with excess alcohol resulting in no disqualification from driving for the defendant

R v R (Uxbridge MC) – Crown forced to offer no evidence on charge of driving with excess alcohol after opposition to their application to adjourn and objection to introduction of Crown’s evidence which was served on the day of trial