Sangita Modgil

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Known for combining her fearless advocacy with a willingness to work hard and her comprehensive knowledge of the law, she has a varied practice, enjoying the ability to represent all levels of society from the most vulnerable youngsters to the most astute professionals.

She has long experience as a junior in murder cases as well as appearing herself for those charged with offences ranging from soliciting murder and other serious violence and public disorder charges to fraud and serious drug offences. 

Her practice has allowed her to gain significant experience in serious sexual offences. As well as being instructed in the more straightforward date/stranger rape cases, she has also successfully represented the young and mentally vulnerable charged with serious sexual offences and the elderly charged with historic sexual offences.

The breadth of her ability can be seen from the wide-ranging nature of the examples of notable cases she has recently been instructed in.

In addition, to her court work, her experience has often been called upon when asked to advise on the possibility of an appeal where it is believed there has been a miscarriage of justice.

She is qualified to conduct Direct Access work.