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Very recently asked to advise in circumstances where a British National is said to have been closely connected with young persons seeking to enter Syria.

Notable recent cases include:

R v Mohammed Iqbal Hussain - 2016 - CC - Represented one of two brothers who sold another brother’s BMW, when pressed by him – after he took a holiday to Turkey but ended up in Syria with his wife supporting ISIS.  The two brothers arranged funding, following their brother’s demand for money, and out of “misguided loyalty” sent money to Syria to assist with his housing and welfare at a time when it was said that he was training and then fighting for ISIS.

R v Hamlett and Ors  2016 - Successfully defended Nyall Hamlett at the Central Criminal Court.  He was acquitted of conspiracy to murder and preparation of acts of terrorism.  Operation Exactness has been “one of the most significant recent counter-terrorism investigations in the UK..... If successful, the plan would have created fear and panic amongst the communities of West London”.

Mr Hamlett and three others were all said to have been influenced by events in Syria and Iraq and inspired by an Islamic State fatwa, posted on You Tube by an IS spokesman, to kill disbelievers in the West.  It was alleged that their targets were the police, military or civilians – and the plan was to assassinate them in drive-by shootings - using a firearm with a silencer and then escape by moped undetected.

The trial, for both conspiracy to murder and preparation of terrorist acts, which has received international publicity, lasted for almost three months.  Tarik Hassane, a medical student and Suhaib Majeed, a physics undergraduate were convicted.