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General Crime

R v Pellett - Iselworth Crown Court - Border force agent using government vehicle to import £3.5m worth of drugs and automatic firearms and ammunition

R-v-Fitzpatrick – Winchester Crown Court: Huntingdon Life Sciences protest group member.

R-v-Dyer  -  Inner London Crown Court: Attempted murder by defenestration.

R-v-Tonkin  -  Guildford Crown court: Young offender with Aspergers Syndrome alleged to have raped two young victims – successfully defended.

R-v-Boomer  -  Manchester Crown court: Post Office armed robbery – successful abuse of process argument – resulting in suspension of police officers.

R-v-Rothery  -  Kingston Crown Court: Largest seizure of cocaine known to UK Courts.  Upon representations being made to the Prosecution severity of charges drastically reduced.

R-v-Zorlu  -  Croydon Crown Court: Turkish People Trafficking gang.

R-v-Lewington  -  Winchester Crown Court: Historic sexual abuse case stayed as an abuse of  process.

R-v- Stephen  -  CCC: Prison Office accused of “springing” a prisoner from Wormwood Scrubs – successfully defended.