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Fraud and Financial Crime

R v Aizlewood - Massive fraud relating to a government football training scheme for apprenticeships. 

R v Mohamed Basharat - falsification of immigration documentation by chartered surveyor

R v W & Ors - Kingston Crown Court - 6 month trial in £20 million MTIC fraud. 

R-v-Wragg  -  Wolverhampton Crown Court: £20m loss to Revenue and customs – VAT “Carousel fraud” – Trial spanned a period of over a year.

R-v-Simpson  -  Guildford Crown Court: £6.5m loss to revenue and Customs – VAT successfully defended.  “Carousel fraud”.  Following legal submissions re Prosecution’s failure to disclose – No Evidence offered.

R-v-Lombardi  -  Southwark Crown Court: Year long trial. International banking fraud – successfully defended.

R-v-Chipping  -  Guildford Crown Court: Income Tax fraud re off-shore accounts.

R-v- Xin Li  -  Southwark Crown Court: £7m money laundering conspiracy directly connected with the contravention or the Copyright design and Patents Act 1988 and the Trade Marks Act 1994. – re the largest seizure in Western Europe, to date, of counterfeit DVDs.

R-v-Agidi  -  Southwark Crown Court: Successful submission of No Case to Answer on seven counts of money laundering – re allegations of corruption at the highest political levels in Nigeria.

R-v-Miller  -  Worcester Crown Court: SFO money laundering prosecution re the trading of an investment company which targeted ex-patriot British citizens.