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Organised Crime

Mark frequently acts as leading counsel for defendants alleged to have been part of serious organised crime gangs in domestic and international criminal enterprises. He has extensive experience in SOCA investigated cases of drug trafficking, police corruption and firearms. He recently defended the alleged organiser of the Tilbury Docks Afghan trafficking case, which attracted significant publicity and in a trial lasting over 50 days, the alleged orchestrator of a multi-million pound “sham colleges” operation which facilitated breaches of immigration law by foreign students.

Organised Crime cases of note include:

R v MBB (Manchester): Operation Warbird - Leading junior for the defence of the Principal and director of Tier 4 private colleges accused of facilitating illegal immigration by running sham educational establishments to procure CAS from the Home Office for non EU migrants intent on evading immigration control. Manchester Evening News

R v SMcL (Basildon): Operation – conspiracy to evade immigration laws in which defendant was alleged to have facilitated the illegal entry of 48 Afghan asylum seekers in container lorries; during one crossing, one man died. Convicted at retrial in May 2016. Click here for press interest in The Enquirer and The Guardian.

R v SM (Basildon): Operation Zambia – Conspiracy to conduct the commercial importation and distribution of heroin. Click here for press interest.  

R v K (Leeds): Operation Thatcham – 58-handed “cash for crash” insurance scam. Click here for press interest. 

R v A (Liverpool): Operation Chaplin - multi-million pound multiple conspiracy to import and supply drugs from South America and Europe and the forgery of identity documents, over 76 counts and 6 indictments. Click here for press interest.  

R v L (Birmingham): 33-handed Vietnamese commercial cultivation of cannabis prosecution.

R v R (Middlesbrough): Operation Roman - Conspiracy to supply drugs in the North East, involving argument regarding the enforced repatriation of D from Northern Cyprus and matters of highly sensitive PII requiring Security Services clearance. Click here for press interest. 

R v Wright (Lewes): Leading counsel for first defendant in £90 million duty evasion conspiracy.

R v Breslin (Birmingham): Operation Salt - Leading counsel in case of Nottingham gang members’ corruption of serving police officers

R v Gratton (Nottingham): Operation Telesse -commercial supply of drugs and firearms amongst gangs in Midlands.

R v Bridge (Nottingham) Operation Normality - drugs supply and associated money laundering on multimillion pound scale. Click here for press interest. 

R v Ivanov (Middlesex): Russian mafia kidnap, torture and extortion of businessman. Click here for press interest.