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Homicide and Corporate Manslaughter

Mark has been instructed in many highly publicised cases of homicide throughout his career including the murder of the Linklaters Solicitor Tom ap Rhys Pryce, the double gangland executions of John & Joan Stirland and the murder of ‘Celtic Pat’ Marshall, the last two cases have been written about extensively in a book called “Hoods” by Carl Fellstrom.

Most recently, he defended one of the gunmen in a botched warehouse robbery in Birmingham; he was acquitted of murder.

He has a particular specialism in gangland murder trials and a strong interest in firearms and ballistics evidence, a topic upon which he has lectured. He is also a highly experienced and effective cross-examiner of cell site experts.

Mark has also defended in cases of infanticide, manslaughter by unlawful act and by gross negligence, and death by dangerous driving.

Homicide cases of note include:

R v Mistry (Birmingham): Operation Aline – tragic case of a botched robbery of a cash and carry warehouse in Digbeth in which staff were tied up and the safe targeted; the manager was shot dead when he resisted. Mistry was alleged to be one of the two gunmen. He was acquitted of murder and convicted of manslaughter. BBC news and ITV news.

R v U (Nottingham): Defendant charged with manslaughter following the death of a man rendered unconscious by a “sleeper” hold. Acquitted.

R v D (Winchester): Operation Diamond - instructed to defend a man accused of conspiracy to murder following repeated attacks on a woman in Dorset allegedly by members of a Nottingham gang. Acquitted.  Click here for press articles. 

R v HEB (Southwark): Acted for a doctor charged with gross negligence manslaughter following the death of a detainee at a police station. Acquitted. Click here for press articles in the BBC News and the Evening Standard

R v Meenan (Birmingham): Acted for the first defendant in the brutal stabbing to death of a local shopkeeper during a robbery. Click here for press articles in the Daily Mail and The Mirror

R v M (Harrow): Royal Mail lorry driver accused of causing death by dangerous driving of two occupants of stationary vehicle on A40. Acquitted. 

R v G (CCC): Soliciting Murder, representing defendant alleging a history of high levels of police corruption. Acquitted. Click here for press articles in the BBC News and The Telegraph.

R v D (Birmingham): The Stirland Murders - a gangland execution of the parents of a convicted murderer within a witness protection scheme. Acquitted. Click here for press articles in the BBC News and The Guardian.  

R v Brown (CCC): The Linklaters Solicitor Murder, the shocking murder of Tom ap Rhys Price in a botched robbery by members of a notorious steaming gang. Click here for press articles in the BBC News and The Guardian.    

R v M (Leicester): The Murder of Celtic Pat Marshall, a gangland shooting outside a Nottingham public house. Acquitted. Click here for press interest. 

R v Rahimi (CCC): Conspiracy to murder, arising out of a turf war between rival drug gangs.

R v McPherson (Sheffield): Murder – 10-handed gangland drive-by shooting in a case that made legal history. Click here for press interest. 

R v Toussaint-Collins (CCC): Execution of rival gang member in broad daylight on school run.

R v M (Nottingham) – Gross negligence manslaughter by addict boyfriend fatally injecting partner with heroin. Acquitted.