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Sexual Offences

Currently instructed in numerous sexual offences including historic and multi-handed cases, offences of possession of images and sharing images.

Increasingly instructed in cases involving serious sexual allegations against young and very young defendants details of which are kept confidential given reporting restrictions.

R v V & others [2018] Nottingham CC: Defending in multi-handed trial featuring allegations of people trafficking for sexual exploitation and controlling prostitution at Nottingham Crown Court. Nottingham Post and Derby Telegraph.

R v D [2018] Southwark CC: Defended Uber driver accused of raping a customer. Evening Standard article. 

R v J (2017) Bristol CC: instructed in multi-handed case alleged to involve grooming of one complainant.

R v H (2017) WGCC: instructed in allegation of male rape.

R v R (2017) Harrow CC:  allegations of rape featuring recorded evidence.

R v L (2017) Nottingham CC: representing convicted sex-offender resulting in a reduction of charges from rape down to sexual activity with a child.

R v C (2017) St Albans CC: representing elderly defendant charged with offences against a 6 year old boy.

R v H (2017) Lewes CC: Acquitted of multiple allegations of rape within the context of a relationship.  This defendant was convicted of the new offence of coercive/controlling behaviour within a relationship.

R v H (2017) Northampton CC: case concerned defendant with prior convictions for rape charged with similar offences on young grandchildren. For press interest, click here

R v R (2017) Burnley CC: Instructed in historic abuse case featuring multiple counts and multiple defendants alleged to be an Asian group grooming case.

R v S (2016) Northampton CC: Attempted rape featuring recording of alleged offence.

R v S (2017) St. Albans CC: Instructed in historic sexual assault featuring significant issues relating to prior disclosures and failed previous prosecution. Issues arising as to physical health of 79 year-old defendant

R v W: (2016) Harrow CC: Historic case involving rape and other offences concerning two complainants; not guilty verdict in relation to one of the complainants.

R v N (2016) Snaresbrook CC:  Defendant charged with multiple counts of rape alleged by a 13 year old complainant; acquitted of all rape counts.  Sentenced for admitted offences of sexual activity with a child.

R v G (2016) Leicester CC: Acquitted of sexual assault on mentally and physically disabled male complainant where the defendant was the carer.

R v Chandler (2015) Harrow CC: Representing defendant charged with offences of rape and attempted rape; this was a cold case where the police linked the defendant to the allegations through DNA.  The defendant admitted the attacks but denied penile penetration. Evening Standard – Tube Driver found guilty of rape 21 years after the crime took place.

R v KB (2015) Croydon CC: Rape allegations in the context of a long relationship.

R v M (2015) Winchester CC: Represented sergeant in the army accused of multiple counts of rape involving an allegedly incapacitated complainant involving footage filmed on a mobile phone.  Acquitted on all counts.

R v S (2015) Isleworth CC: Acquitted of multiple counts of historic rape involving young special needs 

R v A (2014) Woolwich CC: Acquitted of date rape involving significant internet and text communication.

R v F & another (2014) Preston CC: Two counts of assault by penetration with an especially vulnerable complainant.

R v B (2014) Winchester CC Allegations of sexual offences and rape concerning a step-daughter over a long period of time where a prior allegation had been made and withdrawn.

R v D (July 2013) CCC. Acquitted of assault by penetration following a successful argument to exclude a previous conviction for rape.

R v Robertson (2013) Ipswich CC. Rape, false imprisonment and threats to kill. Click here for the Stowmarket Mercury Article.

R v D (2013) Inner London CC. Successfully defended a 15 year old accused of rape during a party.

R v Dolan (2012) Woolwich CC. Historic sexual offences ranging over a thirty year period.

R v Voudaskas Isleworth CC (2011): Historic sexual assaults on a female relation.

R v Caswell Guildford CC (2009): Rape of female in her home by a homeless male. Click here to read the Get Surrey article; click here to read the Get Hampshire article

R v Stower Maidstone CC (2009): Case of sexual activity with a child where an emotional relationship had developed. Click here to read the Kent Online article

R v Kendall Kingston CC (2009): Rape and blackmail in the context of a personal relationship.

R v Lewington - Winchester CC (2008): Led by Queen's counsel in case of historic sex abuse. Indictment stayed following a successful abuse of process argument at the start of the trial.

R v Abdul Koyes – Snaresbrook CC (2007): Led by Queens Counsel in a rape case focusing on the issue of the presumption of a lack of consent in circumstances where the complainant is said to have been asleep.  Involved expert testimony on sleep deprivation and the effect of medication.

R v Lynch (Attorney-General's Reference No.84 of 2007) (23 October 2007): An IPP was imposed in respect of assault by penetration where bad character evidence relating to previous sexual offences had been admitted. The Attorney-General referred the sentence on the basis that the notional determinate term was too lenient when considering the definitive guidelines for assault by penetration. The Court of Appeal found that the sentence passed was not unduly lenient.