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General Crime

R v S [2018] Derby CC: Instructed to defend allegations of facilitating immigration.

R v O [2018] Blackfriars CC: Instructed to defend in multi-handed trial concerning wider operation investigating conspiracy to rob mobile phone stores and handle the proceeds. Metro article.

R v B [2017] Nottingham CC: plea to firearm offences where defendant suffered significant mental health problems. Suspended sentence.

R v C [2017] Harrow CC: plea to firearm offence for a young defendant resulting in imposition of a suspended sentence.

R v B [2018] Isleworth CC: allegations of s18 with significant issues relating to Crown’s application to adduce multiple sources of hearsay evidence.

R v L [2018] Northampton CC: case concerning supply of drugs between drug users.

R v L [2018] Nottingham CC: child neglect allegations.

R v W [2017] Plymouth CC: affray and assault matters.

R v D and others [2017] Northampton CC: instructed in case concerning kidnap of two complainants and linked perverting the course of justice charges.

R v J [2017] ILCC: possession of firearms and ammunition with intent to endanger life.

R v C and another [2017] Northampton CC: charges of affray and assault.

R v R [2017] Croydon CC: represented defendant charged with his brother in relation to s18 wounding.

R v L and others [2017] Nottingham CC: Cash in transit conspiracy to rob.

R v Noga [2016] St Albans CC: conspiracy to import cigarettes. For press interest, click here.

R v M and 9 others [2016] Liverpool CC: instructed to represent defendant alleged to play a leading role in a major drugs supply network in the North of England and linked case involving alleged supply into prison. Acquitted by the jury of Class A supply offences. Acquitted by jury of conspiracy to supply Class A drugs within prison”. For press interest, click here.

R v L (Snaresbrook CC) 2016: Acquitted of conspiracy to steal where Crown alleged the defendant who was manageress was part of a plan for an inside job where a “robbery” took place.  One defendant pleaded, second co-defendant was convicted during first trial; hung jury led to a re-trial where defendant was acquitted.

R v L (Guildford CC) 2016: multi-handed case concerning theft and onwards sale of high-value vehicles.

R v R (Blackfriars CC) 2016: instructed in multi-handed conspiracy to supply Class A and B drugs based on surveillance and telephone evidence; at trial Crown ultimately accepted pleas to Class B which had always been accepted.

R v Aylott & Others [2015] Guildford CC: multi-handed trial representing defendant charged with conspiracy to import and supply Class A Drugs

R v Mohammed (2015) Bristol CC: Represented defendant in mulit-handed conspiracy to supply drugs in the Swindon area.

R v Mohammed (2015) Dorchester CC: Defendant accused of travelling from London to supply drugs in the Weymouth area.

R v RJ (2015) ILCC: Six handed conspiracy to commit armed robberies of money exchange premises; case based on cell-site and telephone evidence. Defendant acquitted of all charges. 

R v R (2015) ILCC: Instructed to represent defendant in forthcoming trial relating to supply of drugs arising out of an operation concerning over twenty defendants.

R v FC (2015) Central Criminal Court: Represented first defendant in conspiracy to commit armed robbery of an Asda store where significant violence used against employees. For Daily Mail article, click here. 

R v S & 3 others (2015) CCC: Allegation of targeted aggravated burglary with elderly and bed bound victims where injury is caused. Daily Mail - Gang of thugs who battered 81 year old woman with metal bar as they ransacked her home jailed for total of 44 years. Sentence reduced on appeal.

R v K (2015) Wood Green CC:  Arson trial relating to a church involving a vulnerable defendant shown on CCTV setting fires.

R v H (2014) Woolwich CC: Witness intimidation in context of allegations of stalking.

R v Jama & others (2014) Woolwich CC: Supply of Class A drugs involving defendants moving around the country operating from a base in London

R v Martin & 11 others (2014) Leicester CC: 8 week case involving allegations of supply of drugs where the Crown presented the evidence based on a spreadsheet with names and figures charged as converting criminal property. 

R v Mohammed & others (2014) Exeter CC: Supply of Class A drugs where the Crown rely on expert evidence as to the extent and value of the operation based upon volume of telephone calls.

R v Hashi and others (2013) Basildon CC. Trial in absence of a defendant charged with conspiracy to supply Class A drugs where the Crown alleged that the defendants travelled from London to Southend in order to conduct the offences.

R v P (2013): Instructed to represent the child’s mother in an allegation of s18 wounding to a 22 month old child. Click here to read the Barking & Dagenham Post article.

R v M (2013): Represented young defendant facing one of the heaviest indictments which have been prosecuted from the riots in 2011. 

R v Francis and another (2012): Shooting of a complainant in both legs. Alleged by the Prosecution to relate to rival drug gangs in Southampton. Click here to read the Daily Echo article; click here to read the BBC coverage.

R v T Guildford CC (2012): Instructed as junior counsel in complex case concerning physical abuse and neglect of children. The Crown alleged that the most serious of the assaults led to a ruptured bowel caused by the defendant jumping on the child’s stomach.  Other allegations assaults included holding the child’s feet to a hot radiator and poking both eyes so that the corneas were scratched. The female defendant was convicted of GBH with intent and child cruelty following a five week trial. Click here to read the Daily Mail article. 

R v Kang and others Stafford CC (2012): Junior counsel successfully defending a client accused of significant drug importations from prison whilst serving a lengthy sentence for importing Class A drugs.

R  v J and others Woolwich CC (2012): Violent disorder involving twenty youths on the waterfront in Greenwich where prosecution utilised new technology for displaying CCTV evidence.

R v Whyte and others Southwark CC (2011): Complex case involving a large number of youths charged with a serious violent disorder which took place on a train. Click here to read the London News Shopper article.

R v Coleman Southwark CC (2011): Glassing incident in a nightclub giving rise to charges of s.18 wounding with intent.

R v Adams Maidstone Crown Court (2010): Attempted s18 wounding caused by the defendant mounting the pavement and driving at the complainants.

R v Clarke Croydon CC (2010): Let junior in an attempted murder and conspiracy to rob trial relating to the robbery of a Costco store where £70,000 worth of jewellery was stolen and the security guard was shot. Click here to read The Sun article; click here to read article

R v Bogle Woolwich CC (2010): Aggravated burglary and knifepoint robbery involving youth members of a local gang.

R v Braithwaite (2010): Aggravated burglary with firearms. ( Click here to read the This is Local London online article

R v Ndugwa (2010): Junior counsel in a multi-handed conspiracy to rob betting shops in South London. Click here to read the This is London online article

R v Huggins Croydon CC (2009): Possession of firearms and ammunition with intent to enable others to endanger life based on hearsay evidence through text messages. Click here to read the London Daily News article; click here to read the Your Local Guardian article

R v Meah Blackfriars CC (2009): S18 wounding (glassing in a nightclub) involving identification issues.

R v Green Kingston CC (2009): Multi-handed conspiracy to burgle and handle stolen goods concerning high value vehicles stolen to order. Click here to read the Get Surrey article

R v Coeur-Belle Winchester CC (2009): Benefit fraud involving disputed disabilities.

R v Grundy Blackfriars CC (2009): Supply of class C drugs which resulted in a death concerning soon to be banned GBL. The trial involved expert evidence to demonstrate that the drug involved was GBL and not GHB.

R v Joao Inner London CC (2009): GBH with intent, ABH and assault - domestic attack involving the use of a knife.

R v Simpson - Inner London CC (2008): Offences under the Dangerous Dogs Act

R v Djama & others - Harrow CC (2008): Conspiracy to supply class A drugs representing householder; successful half-time submission.

R v Odokama & others - Kingston CC (2008): £1 million conspiracy to rob targeting jewellers. Click here to read the Daily Mail article; click here to read the In The News article

R v Hussein & others (2008): Blackmail, false imprisonment and kidnap trial.

R v  King – Kingston CC and CA (2007) see R v King (Kiel) 2007 WL 1729824: Arson with intent to endanger life. The defendant, who was a youth, was sentenced to an IPP for this and a series of other offences.  The sentence was successfully appealed on the basis that the Judge had insufficient information to make a finding of dangerousness.

R v Cyprian Southwark CC (2007): Death by dangerous driving

R v Riley – Southwark CC (2005): Junior counsel in a seven-handed major drugs importation trial where the importation had been facilitated by a customs officer. Click here to read the BBC News online article; click here to read the Guardian article

R v Duong – Snaresbrook CC (2005): Led junior in seven-handed case lasting six months which was the first prosecution of new offences relating to people trafficking for the purposes of prostitution. Click here to read the Guardian article