Laura Hocknell

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Organised Crime

R v DK (2018) (Chelmsford Crown Court) (Operation Unsafe) - led junior in allegation of importation of over £8million of amphetamine oil.

R v Mubasher Iqbal (2015) (Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court) - instructed in eleven handed allegation of conspiracy to launder proceeds of crime. The Crown's case is that the members of an extended family have sought to conceal the proceeds of drug trafficking and other offences by purchasing properties and transferring them from one family member to another. Listed for 8 week trial.

R v W (2012) (Teeside Crown Court) - Junior alone in conspiracy to supply Class A drugs. Crown allege D to have organised commercial cocaine preparation and supply.

R v Usman and others (2011) (Bradford Crown Court) – Led junior in conspiracy to supply heroin across the North East.

R v Nevard and others (2010) (Isleworth Crown Court) – Junior alone in conspiracy to steal high value cars to order.