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General Crime

R v RH (2019) (Woolwich Crown Court) - instructed to represent young man with learning difficulties charged with attempted murder.

R v JF (2018) (Portsmouth Crown Court) - defendant charged with sexually assaulting three of his daughters’ friends; all of whom gave evidence against him. Acquitted of all counts.

R v Giorgio Dikila (2018) (Inner London Crown Court) - young man acquitted after trial of possession of multiple firearms with intent to endanger life.

R v JH (2017) (Inner London Crown Court) - historic rape, assault by penetration and sexual assault allegations reopened by police following a 'cold case review'. The Crown's case was that the defendant drugged and raped a vulnerable teenage boy. Acquitted of all counts after trial.

R v John Dawson and others (2017) (Southend Crown Court) - defendant charged together with others with s18 GBH following a break in into a block of flats and stabbing of a young man in a case of mistaken identity. Defendant was alone in being acquitted of s18 after trial. He received 15 months for a s20 offence; the other defendants were sentenced to 5 and 6 and a half years respectively.

R v CS (2017) (Liverpool Crown Court) - defendant, a university student of good character charged with assault by penetration and sexual assault on his female flatmate. Acquitted after trial.

R v VV (2016) (Hove Crown Court) - led junior in allegations of child exploitation and gang rape. Acquittal.

R v MW (2015) (Inner London Crown Court) - represented man of good character charged with rape of 13 year old girl with learning difficulties. The Crown’s case was that he was part of a gang who had deliberately targeted her and ‘groomed’ her over a period of time before the alleged rape. Acquittal.

R v SH (2015) (Croydon Crown Court) - represented one of 12 year old twins accused of campaign of harassment against neighbours, culminating in adult neighbour being stabbed by twins on doorstep of his home. The defendant was charged, together with his twin and mother, with s18 wounding with intent and harassment offences. He was acquitted of all counts after trial.

R v OA (2015) (Northampton Crown Court) - represented father accused of raping and sexually abusing his two daughters over a period of years. Defendant was convicted of counts of common assault only.

R v JS (2015) (Lewes Crown Court) - 17 year old boy charged with raping a vulnerable teenager in supported accommodation. Acquittal.

R v Khanum (2014) (Kingston Crown Court) – successful defence of duress in respect of defendant charged with multiple count of banking fraud.

R v BS (2014) (Reading Crown Court) – defended client charged with counts of knife point rape and threats to kill, within context of marriage.

R v JM (2014) (Snaresbrook Crown Court) – client charged with ABH - beating 12 year old daughter with wooden spoons and cutting her hair off.

R v Bradley (2013) (Isleworth Crown Court) – defendant charged with arson with intent to endanger life/arson being reckless as to whether life endangered. Defendant set fire to fence in between her home and that of her neighbour. Fire spread to neighbour’s house. The defendant was said to have made simultaneous threats to kill the neighbour. She was acquitted of both arson with intent and arson being reckless after trial and her sentence in respect of simple arson, to which she had pleaded guilty, was reduced by a further third by the Court of Appeal.

R v DN (2012) (Chelmsford Crown Court) - represented teacher accused of sexually assaulting his friend whilst she slept. Acquittal.

R v CC (2010) (Enfield Youth Court) – 14 year old charged with sexual assault on 11 year old girl in context of ‘gang attack’, who was stabbed when she refused to comply. Guilty plea.

R v AC (2011) (Portsmouth Youth Court) – 17 year old charged with rape and assault by penetration of 11 year old girl in woods.

R v SK (2010) (High Wycombe Youth Court) – 13 year old alleged to have conducted ‘campaign’ of sexual assaults on his female classmates.

R v McMaster (2011) (Woolwich Crown Court) – domestic allegation; s18 GBH with intent. Crown offered no evidence following defence bad character application.

R v VA (2010) (Blackfriars Crown Court) – domestic threats to kill and s20 GBH; 11 year old son called by the Crown as witness. Acquitted.

R v Jones (2011) (Snaresbrook Crown Court) - possession of firearm with intent. Acquitted.