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Homicide and Corporate Manslaughter

R vs SM - Croydon - Trial in 2016 and re-trial in 2017. Murder. The defendant was accused of luring the deceased to her house so that he could be executed by her new boyfriend. The new boyfriend was convicted and sentenced to 30 years. The jury rejected the Crown's case and the defendant was acquitted of murder and released from custody.
R vs HM 2014 – Lewes Crown Court – murder prepared for trial, involving lie-in-wait robbery that went tragically wrong. Extensive expert evidence concerning the question of whether the victim was tortured.
R vs HL 2011 – Central criminal Court – 15 year old defendant who “happy-slapped” a grandfather who had just left a mosque with his 7 year-old granddaughter. Crown accepted a plea to manslaughter.
R vs KS – Winchester – Manslaughter within the Polish community in Southampton alleged. Crown not, ultimately, prove causation and offered no evidence on this count.
R vs KS – Central Criminal Court – Murder and ABH. Female defendant acquitted following trial of all counts. The allegation was the result of an argument over a football going into a neighbour’s garden and the ensuing fight.
R vs RC – Central Criminal Court – Murder. Blind Peruvian defendant acquitted of all charges, notwithstanding his admission that he had stabbed the victim at least 50 times with a pair of scissors
R vs KC – Central Criminal Court – Manslaugher, Rape  x 3, Administering a noxious substance with intent to Rape. High profile case against a male nurse who was alleged to have administered Midazolam in order to rape his patients. He also administered the same drug to a friend, who subsequently died.