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Fraud and Financial Crime

R vs AK – Central Criminal Court – Trial in 2017. The defendant as an NHS surgeon charged with money laundering and fraud. The investigation was conducted by counter-terrorism officers (SO15) because of alleged links to a terrorist funding network. The defendant was one of only 3 to be acquitted of all charges.
R vs DY (Operation Perhaps) - Birmingham - Trial in March 2016. An accountant charged with a conspiracy to fraudulently misrepresent the financial position of a spiritualist leader was the only defendant of 11 to be acquitted. All other defendants received custodial sentences.
R vs TO (Operation Galion) - Liverpool - Trial in September 2015. A telephone salesmen alleged to have conspired to fraudulently sell advertising space in a non-existent magazine. Vast prosecution with 11 defendants, tried over 8 weeks. Crown ultimately offered £2,500 of fraudulent behaviour (down from £1m) and defendant received a community order.
R vs AO 2015 – Southwark Crown Court – leading junior in confiscation proceedings following allegations of fraud and handling stolen goods. £3.5m benefit figure and available amount reduced to £700,000.
R vs KP (Operation Lift) – Birmingham – Trial in 2015. An accountant accused of being the record keeper in a massive money laundering conspiracy was acquitted following trial, notwithstanding the finding of key documents at his home address.
R vs AL (Operation Calluna) – Southwark – Trial in 2014. A receptionist alleged to have purchased and supplied tobacco tax free using a Diplomatic privilege. Co-defendants included the deputy High Commissioner of The Gambia.
R vs JR – Chester – Trial in 2013. Illegal money lending. Principal defendant alleged to have loaned, without a licence, hundreds of thousands over a 3 year period.
R vs AA (Operation Forbear) – Liverpool – Completed in 2014, instructed in 2011. Represented a company director in a multi-million MTIC carousel fraud conspiracy. Guilty pleas with full credit, coupled with significant time spent on bail with a tag, resulted in a short custodial sentence.
R vs AV (Operation Ghast) – Southwark 2012. Represented a company director in a multi-million Carousel fraud conspiracy. PII was raised by the Crown as a result of disclosure enquiries. Crown ultimately offered no evidence against this defendant. Others convicted.
R vs GP (Operation Dumpcart) – Manchester. A freightforwarder in an MTIC and diversion fraud.  Successfully mitigated to receive a low sentence for someone in his position.
R vs KB (Operation Euripus) – Southwark 2010. Represented an alleged exporter in one of the largest MTIC conspiracies ever prosecuted. Only defendant acquitted after trial.
R vs AS – Southwark Crown Court – Leading junior in a money laundering allegation against the wife of a serial fraudster.  Following trial and conviction on only minor counts, the defendant was given a suspended prison sentence.