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Fraud and Financial Crime

Recognised as a leading junior in the field by Chambers and Partners and the Legal 500, Jonathan is regularly asked to act in cases involving large scale fraud and/or money laundering allegations.

R v S (2016); Southwark Crown Court.  Carbon credit fraud allegation.  Jonathan’s client is an eminent academic in the field of conservation who is accused of cheating the revenue alongside a number of business people.  Client said to have been fraudulently involved in “sideways relief” claims.  The case is intensely factually and technically complex and involves investment sums of approx. £175 million and tax risk/losses of around £63 million. Trial, September 2016.

R v C (2016) Sheffield Crown Court.  C and other co-defendant’s acquitted when the prosecution offered no evidence.  This followed defence demands which ultimately the Crown could not meet.  C had been accused of conspiracy to launder the proceeds of crime through a number of solicitor firms and a private bank which he was said to be involved in managing and operating.

R v David Purdie (2015); Teesside Crown Court.  Junior counsel for the main defendant in what is likely to have been the biggest mortgage fraud case in Britain with claimed losses of £111m.

R v B (2014); Birmingham Crown Court.  SIPP pension fraud allegation; Jonathan represented a director of a pensions administration company – acquitted following half-time submission.  Prosecution unsuccessful appeal for co-defendants led to Lord Chief Justice’s ruling in Court of Appeal case of R v Quillan:

R v R (2014); Leeds Crown Court.   Jonathan represented a legal professional who was said to have been involved in laundering the proceeds of drugs trafficking.  There were a total of 20 defendants tried over a series of trials.  R was the only one to be acquitted following a successful half-time submission.

R v Todd (2014); Canterbury Crown Court.  Acting for HMRC in prosecution of a VAT fraud, T convicted.

R v Bache (2013), Birmingham Crown Court. Junior counsel acting for an accountant in large scale Construction Industry Scheme tax fraud case.

R v Wright (2012) Newcastle Crown Court.  Appeared as junior alone in a large scale ‘cash for crash’ motor insurance conspiracy to defraud case;

R v U (2011) Birmingham Crown Court.  Counsel in a significant and complex money laundering and taxation fraud conspiracy. Trial, leading to acquittal, lasting 3 months;

SFO v Baird (2011) Chelmsford Crown Court.  Lead counsel in a case involving a large scale ‘boiler room’ operation based in Spain.

R v R (2011) Teesside Crown Court. Mortgage fraud.

R v K (2010) Leeds Crown Court. Conspiracy to defraud.

R v Goldsmith (2009) Lincoln Crown Court. Representing a man accused of ‘con man’ fraud-obtaining credit, goods and services by pretending he was a ‘celebrity chef’.

R v Sra (2008) Leeds Crown Court. Instructed as junior counsel, client was accused of defrauding HMRC of excise duty and VAT due on rebated fuels.

R v Cheema (2008) Leeds Crown Court.  Junior counsel in money laundering case involving professional mortgage advisor.