John Carl Townsend

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Confiscation, Civil Recovery and Asset Forfeiture

Acts for claimants who seek the recovery and protection of their assets through the use of freezing orders and the issue of claims alleging fraud and other types of misconduct. He has represented companies and individuals who have suffered loss as a result of misrepresentation, breach of contract and breach of duty. Recent clients have included a major UK sportswear manufacturer and a company defrauded by the actions of a purported business consultancy.

His experience of confiscation proceedings includes the representation of defendants in relation to all aspects of the Proceeds of Crime Act, including Part 5 (civil recovery) and Part 6 (assumption of Revenue functions in respect of taxation). He has represented defendants in the High Court, the Crown Court and the Tax Tribunals in proceedings connected to the use of powers of recovery and enforcement under POCA and has advised in respect of the tension between criminal confiscation orders and third party interests in connected civil proceedings.

In asset forfeiture John Carl has advised companies and individuals who have been made the subject of freezing orders (in the civil courts) and restraint orders (in the criminal courts). He deals with the variation and discharge of such orders on behalf of their subjects and affected third parties. His asset forfeiture practice also encompasses the appeal of goods seizures by HMRC for non-payment of duty and he has successfully represented a number of foreign companies that have been the subject of haulage seizures.