Felicity Gerry QC

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Felicity recently appeared leading the defence team in R v Abbas a 3 month trial alleging conspiracy to prepare or plan for a terrorist act and is instructed for the defence in a similar trial for 2019. She is an Adjunct Fellow at the University of Western Sydney where she has lectured in Terrorism, Cybercrime and Sexual Offending and provided training in the Bangladesh Judiciary Management Project on Terrorism and Money Laundering. She has appeared and advised in a number of cases that have involved analysis and advice on terrorism and extremist legislation including relating to the taking of a child to Syria and trials under the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005. She has published a chapter in the Fourth volume in the European Integration and Democracy Series, devoted to Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Relations as a Challenge for Democracy: ‘Terrorism and Paedophilia on the internet: A Global and Balanced Cyber-Rights Response is Required to Combat Cybercrime, not Knee-Jerk Regulation’ .

Sample cases include the following:

R v M 2019 – instructed to lead for the defence in a conspiracy to commit a terrorist act.

R v Abbas 2018 – leading for the defence in alleged preparation or planning for a terrorist act.

R v X 2015 advice under the anti-Terrorism legislation regarding judicial review of a decision to refuse bail.

R v P 2009 Conspiracy to steal and cause criminal damage involving evidence from NETCU. Case labelled as ‘domestic extremism’.

R v VWT and others 2008: First prosecution under s145 SOCPA 2005: Interference with contractual relationships so as to harm animal research organisation. Case labelled as ‘domestic extremism’.