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Organised Crime

Felicity has a long history of dealing with cases involving national and transnational organised crime more recently in relation to cybercrime such as computer misuse and computer-related crimes (see fraud and financial crime entry). More recently she has assisted in death penalty cases in Indonesia, particularly on the intersection between drug trafficking and human trafficking including assisting in the reprieve from execution of Filipina Mary Jane Veloso. She has provided training to the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association as part of The Modern Slavery Project which is a two year multilateral project providing practical advice and support to Commonwealth legislatures in the pursuit of combatting modern slavery

See also terrorism and money laundering entries

Sample organised crime cases include the following:

In the matter of Mary Jane Veloso (Philippines and Indonesia) 2015 – death row prisoner given a reprieve in Jakarta, Indonesia – assisting on legal issues relating to human trafficking law and referral mechanisms.

In the matter of Lindsay Sandiford (Indonesia) 2015 – death row prisoner in Bali, Indonesia seeking to appeal to the Indonesian Supreme Court – assisting on judicial review processes in the UK for funding purposes and on legal issues relating to a further appeal in Indonesia.

R v X 2013: Defence of an immigration solicitor accused of falsifying immigration papers for the purposes of human trafficking.

R v Munaf Surti 2008:  Defence of 3 month conspiracy to import illegal immigrants from India via South Africa for what would now be called indentured servitude. Her client was the only one of 26 defendants to be acquitted.

R v LB 2006: Multiple count indictment of various offences of rape, people trafficking and causing / inciting / controlling prostitution for gain. Defence of a woman who was accused of joining a LIthuanian criminal gang operating to import young women to the UK from Lithuania and force them into prostitution.