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General Crime

Felicity appeared in all types of general criminal cases over the years but particularly specialises in cases involving sexual allegations. She is co-author of The Sexual Offences Handbook which contains all the law, practice and procedure in England and Wales from 1957 to date. She has appeared in numerous trials and appeals relating to rape, gang rape, historic sexual offending and human trafficking. She has significant experience and expertise in the admissibility of evidence of propensity, tendency and coincidence and has published numerous peer reviewed and other articles on the proper approach to cases of this type. She understands the technological issues in relation to child abuse material and appeared in the guideline case in relation to mens rea in importation cases. She is on the Management Committee of The UK Advocates Gateway that produces toolkits for advocacy with vulnerable people and has contributed to a book on Vulnerability in Justice Systems.
Sample cases include:

R v H 2017 – Defence in alleged historic sexual offending by funeral director.

R v S 2017 – Advising in relation to allegations of possession and distribution of indecent images

R v P (Gibraltar) 2017 – Defence of sexual allegations involving advocacy relating to a 4 year old child.

R v Maung 2016 - Successful defence of a Dr accused of sexually assaulting a patient (on a retrial) after a successful appeal against conviction.

R v P 2016 - Successful defence of allegations of marital rape involving significant unused material relating to a two decade marriage and nearly a decade of separation and divorce proceedings.

R v Raynor 2015 - defence of former GB Rugby League player acquitted on allegations of rape and wounding.

R v Munkara 2015 – Defence of indigenous male accused of sexual offending. Voir Dire on adducing evidence from a vulnerable indigenous complainant and admissibility of indigenous defendant’s police interview reported at The Queen v BM [2015] NTSC 73

R v W 2014 - successful appeal conviction in relation to allegations of historic sexual abuse where judicial directions were held to have been inadequate on the burden and standard of proof.

R v C 2014 - Defence of alleged gang rape involving issues of extradition where the prosecution offered no evidence on the second day of the trial and the court awarded over £33,000 in wasted costs to the defendant who was a foreign national.

R v T and others 2013: Multi-handed defence of multiple allegations of child sexual abuse. This is just one example of  numerous cases of this type that Felicity has apperared in over the last 22 years.