Felicity Gerry QC

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Fraud and Financial Crime

Felicity has appeared in trials involving international boiler room fraud, money laundering and other financial crime dealing with trial, confiscation and appellate issues. She is an expert in national and international cybercrime and cyber rights issues and has reported for the American Bar Association on the draft cybercrime law for Cambodia. She has appeared in cases and lectured on cybercrime / cyber rights on issues such as:

• Illegal and harmful contents e.g. focussing on online hate speech, racial vilification, child pornography etc.

• Criminal procedural law e.g. allowing search and seizure of computers and data, cross-border flows of information between law enforcement agencies, mutual legal assistance and extradition of suspects; and

• Security law e.g. recognising that computer systems support national critical infrastructure to such an extent that cyber-attacks may constitute security threats or even acts of war, especially if backed by nation states.

Sample cases include the following:

R v Mardon 2018 - Leading for the defence in trial and appeal on multi-handed alleged Category A money laundering conspiracy involving issues of joint principalship and conspiracy and the application of Anwoir bases for liability.

R v MC 2018 – Federal Court of Australia - Application for pre action discovery in high value alleged money laundering.
In the matter of L (EU) 2014  - Advising a Swiss Bank on a conflict between a £multi–million international restraint order and an international freezing injunction in civil litigation involving restraint of assets and international freezing orders arising from a long-running investigation for bribery, money laundering and abuse of office against a Latvian oligarch.

R v Slack 2013; R v Mills 2014 linked cases involving a £multi-million international boiler room fraud operated from Thailand.