Felicity Gerry QC

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Extradition and Mutual Assistance

Felicity has dealt with numerous cases involving international evidence. She has lectured in extradition and mutual assistance. She has published Peer reviewed articles on jurisdiction including.

• Svantesson, D., & Gerry, F. (2015). Access to extraterritorial evidence: The Microsoft cloud case and beyond. Computer Law & Security Review, [2016] 31(4), 478-489.

• Gerry, F., Berova, N., Treating data like the sale of goods: Lessons for the internet from OECD and CISG and sacking Google as the regulator [2014] 30 CLSR Issue 5.

Sample cases include:

R v X 2018 extradition in money laundering (ongoing).

R v D 2018 alleged long term fraud of a charity (ongoing)

R v C 2014 - Defence of alleged gang rape involving issues of extradition where the prosecution offered no evidence on the second day of the trial and the court awarded over £33,000 in wasted costs to the defendant who was a foreign national.

R v Metcalf 2006: Defence of expert ornithologist accused of purchasing clutches eggs from threatened species, fraudulent evasion of CITES prohibition on importation of bird eggs and skins, and selling owls, falcons and other protected species where the issue was whether they were pre or post regulation specimens. The case involved complex legal issues on the application of CITES regulations and domestic legislation in the context of a private collection. The case also concerned the law on destruction of ancient monuments.

R v OS 2005: Murder where defendant absconded abroad with evidence from and legal argument in relation to Nigerian NDLEA, extradition and deportation.