Felicity Gerry QC

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Appellate, Judicial Review and Advisory Work

Felicity specialises in appellate work, particularly in the context of homicide and sexual offending. She is particular well known for leading the defence team in R v Jogee, the ground breaking appeal in the UK Supreme Court which held that the form of accessorial liability known as ‘joint enterprise’ was an erroneous tangent of law and various appeals involving alleged sexual offending:

See also - entries under Homicide, Organised Crime and General Crime

Sample cases include:

R v Davis 2018 judicial review of a decision by the Criminal Cases Review Commission in Joint Enterprise murder.

R v Mardon 2018 application for leave to appeal in money laundering on limbs 1 and 2 of Anwoir.

R v Rowe 2018 application for leave to appeal on intentional HIV infection on causation and intention.

R v Finn 2018 Victoria Court of Appeal – Appeal against conviction on complicity issues and prosecutor’s speech.

R v Honeysett 2018 Victoria Court of Appeal – Appeal against sentence including jurisprudence on Korri conversation in sentencing.

R v Henderson 2017 Victoria Court of Appeal – Appeal in relation to tendency evidence.

R v Jogee [2016] UKSC 8 – Successful appeal to the UK Supreme Court (formerly the House of Lords) which sat for the first time, at the same time as the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council. Alleged joint enterprise murder. Correcting the law on foundational liability for secondary parties. Court of Appeal Report at R v Jogee [2013] EWCA Crim 1433.

R v X 2015 – successful appeal on behalf of a doctor accused of sexual assault on issues relating to the recall of a witness at trial.

R v Steen [2014] EWCA Crim 1390-  Defence Appeal against conviction for importation, downloading and possession of indecent images of children dealing with mens rea in such cases where it was held that judicial directions were insufficient. Convictions quashed.

In the Appeal of Clifton 2014 - rape of a pre–pubescent child where the hearsay provisions were used to rely on pre–recorded video and audio of the child’s complaints and to admit drawings and notes made by the child as well as adducing complex expert evidence in relation to indecent images and other data..

R v Cox [2012] 2 Cr App R 6 - Appeal relating to an adapted trial for a vulnerable defendant used in the training materials for the judicial college and the Advocacy Training Council.