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Homicide and Corporate Manslaughter

Since taking Silk Colin has been instructed in a series of high profile murder cases. Instructions as Queen’s Counsel include:

R v Das - Central Criminal Court. Murder & attempted murder. Trial October 2017. For media interest, click here BBC News, The Sun, and The Telegraph

R v J  - Luton Crown Court  - Two handed murder. For media interest, click here BBC News

R v D -  Lewes Crown Court  - Murder & Conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. Trial September 2017. Foe media interest, click here, BBC News and The Argus.  

R v  M – St Albans Crown Court  - Conspiracy to murder. Trial September 2017.

R v H (April 2018) -  Lewes Crown Court  - Represented a 16 year old young man charged with murder. Case had gang related background.

R v R (May 2018)  - Inner London Crown Court  - Allegation of manslaughter arising from the alleged commercial sale of “DNP”.