Christopher Henley QC

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Homicide and Corporate Manslaughter

Extensive experience of defending in murder and manslaughter cases. Defended in murder trials as sole counsel, leading counsel and junior counsel.

Particular experience of representing young defendants charged with murder.

Represented the first defendant in the Damilola Taylor trial (R v Preddie, CCC).

R v E H CCC (2017) - EH man of good character stabbed burglar who attacked him.  

R v DG and another Leicester CC (2017) - Revenge murder following previous gang attack.

R v Jordan Matthews Cardiff CC (2017) - Murder of girlfriend. 

R v Dwayne Edgar and others Cardiff CC (2016) - Drugs feud. Gang attack.

R v Reece Jones CCC (2016) - Killing of disabled man by stranger.

R v Billy Latham Lewes (2015) - Single punch following neighbour dispute.

R v Simon Penton and 6 others (2014). Junior counsel for SP, the principal defendant, acquitted of murder. Michael Griffiths was beaten, tied up and his house was set on fire with him inside in a targeted burglary organised by SP. See - BBC News - Two men found guilty of Michael Griffiths' murder 

R v Stuart Crawford (2011). Crawford accused of bludgeoning his landlord to death, emptying his bank accounts and then fleeing to Thailand. Extradited from Thailand to stand trial.

R v SP (CCC) represented the first of seven defendants charged with a gang murder in Croydon. Cut-throat defence against four co-defendants. SP was the only defendant to be acquitted of all charges.

R v Tucker and T (CCC) was a widely reported case involving the shooting of a young father on his doorstep in Canning Town. Bradley Tucker was convicted and was sentenced to a minimum term of 25 years. T, aged 16 yrs, was acquitted.

R v ND (CCC): ND, aged 15, was acquitted of murder. Three co-defendants were convicted of murder.

In R v Rees and others (CCC, 2011) instructed to represent an ex-Detective Sergeant charged in connection with the axe murder of Daniel Morgan, a private investigator, in a South London pub car park in 1989. This notorious case has been the subject of political and media interest as rumours of police corruption have circulated for many years. Following many months of legal argument the proceedings were stayed.

R v Ramsey (CCC) a fairground safety inspector charged with gross negligence manslaughter.

R v White and Hyatt (Aylesbury CC), charged with the murder of White’s girlfriend. Hyatt was acquitted of murder by the jury. White’s conviction was subsequently quashed by the Court of Appeal.

R v C (CCC), leading counsel for C acquitted of all charges. Two co-defendants convicted of murder.