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Sexual Offences

R v IA; Wood Green CC (2016): Defendant accused of taking tourist he met at a club home with him where she alleged she was detained and repeatedly raped over two hours.  Defendant acquitted.

R v AG; Wood Green CC (2016): Man charged with 3 counts of sexually assaulting a child.  Acquitted on all counts.

R v AP; Blackfriars CC (2015): Defendant charged with 28 historical counts of rape and buggery of his two cousins when they were between ages of 8 and 16.  Psychiatrist who claimed the defendant had confessed to her in 1999 that he sexually assaulted his cousins was cross-examined via a video-link with New Zealand.  Defendant was acquitted on all counts. 

R v KB; Wood Green CC (2015): Defendant accused of rape and sexual assault of 8 year old child. Acquitted of rape.

R v BB; Wood Green CC (2014): Defendant (15 years) accused of 3 counts of sexual activity with a child (14 years) and procuring the rape of the same complainant.  The latter count was dismissed on defence application.  The remaining counts were dropped following defence submissions that the prosecution had not acted in accordance with their own policy concerning consensual sexual activity between underage parties.

R v SD; Wood Green CC (2013): 16 year old defendant accused with two others of gang rape of 13 year old girl.  Complainant cross-examined on her Facebook page.  All defendants acquitted.

R v ZE; Wood Green CC (2013): 16 year old defendant accused of 3 counts of rape of 16 year old girl.  Both the defendant and complainant were found to be vulnerable.  Defendant acquitted.

R v AK; Snaresbrook CC (2012): Defendant charged with fraud and sexual offences.  Alleged he claimed to cure women of evil spirits by engaging in sexual acts for a fee.  Acquitted of several counts of rape.

R v MT; Blackfriars CC (2012): Defendant and other actor colleagues fell asleep together in a theatre venue following a party.  One of the colleagues claimed to have woken to see defendant raping the complainant while she slept.  Defendant acquitted.

R v JW; Snaresbrook CC (2010): 16 year old defendant on the autism spectrum was charged with the rape of his 6 year old sister.  Following negotiations with the prosecution a plea to sexual activity with a family member was accepted on a favorable basis, leading to the imposition of a non-custodial sentence.