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Organised Crime

R v YN; Bristol CC (2016): Defendant charged with 12 others of conspiring to supply drugs.  “County Line” case where defendants were said to travel from London to run drug supply networks in the midlands.  Defendant was alleged to be right-hand man and “muscle” for principal conspirator.  He was the only defendant acquitted.

R v SA; Woolwich CC (2016): First UK case of man charged with conspiring to hold his wife in slavery. Plea to less serious offence accepted on favorable basis.   GBH count dismissed following legal argument about the admissibility of the diagnosis of PTSD. 

R v AS; Snaresbrook CC (2015): Defendant charged with significant role in multi-handed conspiracy to import cocaine of a value in excess of £6 million.

R v CS; Snaresbrook CC (2014): Defendant charged with conspiracy to commit armed robberies.  Prosecution case relied on CCTV and cell site evidence.  Defendant was acquitted on all counts.

R v LD; Central Criminal Court (2014): Defendant charged with money laundering proceeds of crime through car wash business.  Defendant acquitted.

R v OG; Wood Green CC (2011): Defendant charged with five others with false imprisonment and blackmail offences arising from gang turf wars.  Prosecution offered no evidence following defence submissions re admissibility of hearsay.