Barry Kogan

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Sexual Offences

  • R v Gibbard – Snaresbrook Crown Court. This defendant was acquitted of a number of rape offences against his partner, some of which had allegedly occurred whilst she had been a hospital in-patient.

  • R v Vasilyevs – Snaresbrook C.C. Acquittal of a man aged 19, accused of the sexual assault of two sisters aged 4 and 6 respectively.

  • R v Stewart - Isleworth C.C. The defendant was acquitted of the rape, false imprisonment, and assault of a former partner, in her own home.

  • R v Hernandez - Southwark C.C. Acquittal in the case of a man charged with the repeated rape of woman he had met earlier in the day.

  • R v Hedley – Guildford C.C. The defendant was acquitted of all charges of serious sexual misconduct against a woman with mental impairment (autism); she had given evidence through an intermediary.

  • R v Allen – Guildford C.C. Acquittal of a man charged with numerous rape offences against his young daughter over a 7 year period.

  • R v Harman – Isleworth C.C. The defendant, now aged 75, was tried for an alleged campaign of rape against his daughter, dating back nearly 4 decades to 1973. Acquitted of all charges.                                                                                                                

  • R v Robinson – Isleworth C.C. This defendant faced many counts of rape and other serious sexual offences against his two sisters-in-law, when they were aged 11-13, in the early 1980s. On the day fixed for trial, he offered guilty pleas to one offence of indecent assault against each complainant; his offer was accepted, and he received a suspended sentence of imprisonment.

  • R v Durn & others - C.C.C. The defendant, the mother of three young children, was said to be the head of a paedophile ring, who systematically abused her children over a long period. She was eventually cleared of all charges, some by the jury, after a 6–week trial, and the remainder upon an appeal against conviction to the Court of Appeal.

  • R v Ssejjuko -  Snaresbrook C.C. Acquittal of a man accused of raping a girl aged 11.

  • R v Mavrides & others  -  C.C.C. This defendant was a boy of 14, charged together with 7 other teenagers, with the gang-rape of an Austrian tourist, on the bank of the canal at Kings Cross. Guilty plea.

  • R v TB – Lewes Crown Court. Acquittal of a father, charged with multiple counts of anal rape against his young son.

  • R v Decapet – C.C.C. The defendant pleaded guilty to the attempted murder and rape of a middle-aged lady, along the River Thames towpath. He had been sought by the police for 12 years before his arrest.