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Homicide and Corporate Manslaughter

  • R v Saundh & another - Nottingham C.C. The father of a teenage girl was acquitted of the racially-motivated murder of his daughter’s boyfriend.

  • R v Puttock & another – C.C.C. In 2007 a five-week trial took place in which the two defendants were charged with the murder, in 2000, of an elderly man; the case depended in part on facial mapping and DNA evidence. Although, after 7 days of deliberations, the defendants were convicted, their convictions were quashed by the Court of Appeal in 2008, and a retrial ordered. That retrial was heard over an 8-week period in the Summer of 2009, with the jury unable to reach a verdict. A third trial was due to commence in June 2010, when the prosecution indicated, for the first time, their willingness to accept a guilty plea to manslaughter from each defendant; such pleas were duly entered, leading to their early release.

  • R v Green and others – Leicester C.C. Murder of a mentally and physically handicapped man by his carer, by torture and starvation.

  • R v Ali - Reading C.C. Murder trial concerning the death of an elderly man in his own home, following a failed burglary.

  • R v Harman -   C.C.C. The defendant threw a brick from a motorway bridge, which pierced the windscreen of a passing lorry and killed the driver. The defendant, originally charged with murder, ultimately pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

  • R v Price – Guildford C.C. This defendant pleaded guilty to causing the deaths by dangerous driving, of three men, while heavily under the influence of alcohol and drugs. He had stolen the car and taken the men (all strangers to him) for a ‘joy-ride’.