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General Crime

  • R v Curtis – Guildford C.C. The defendant, a young man with learning difficulties, shook his 3-month old daughter, leaving her blind and severely brain-damaged. He pleaded guilty to shaking the child, but was acquitted, after a jury trial, of doing so with intent to cause her grievous bodily harm. The prosecution had relied upon eight expert witnesses. (The child has since died, and a manslaughter charge is presently being considered by the prosecution).

  • R v Laszlo Budai & others - Croydon C.C. After a 6-week trial the defendant was acquitted of all charges relating to trafficking 5 Hungarian women into the UK and controlling their activities as prostitutes. One woman had claimed to have been kept prisoner in London for five months.

  • R v Loh & others – Southwark C.C. The defendant was one of six Malaysians who pleaded guilty to smuggling women into the UK, for the purposes of prostitution; the largest case of its type.

  • R v Karia  -  C.C.C. Four -week trial of a man employed as a security guard at a major London hospital; he was said to have set a number of fires at the hospital, one of them forcing the urgent evacuation, at night, of 80 patients, and causing £3 million worth of damage.

  • R v X & others – Guildford C.C. A widely-publicised 3-week trial of a 14 year-old schoolgirl, charged with stabbing a co-pupil in the eye with a pair of scissors, in the school grounds, witnessed by 25 other pupils.

  • R v Wadham & others – Winchester C.C. A high-profile case involving several animal activists, charged with conspiracy to blackmail. The trial, which lasted three months, related to their efforts to close down Huntingdon Life Sciences.

  • R v Mahmood & others – Nottingham C. C. The defendant was one of 17 men who were all charged and pleaded guilty to a large-scale conspiracy to supply class A drugs.

  • R v Walker & others - Leeds C.C. The defendant was alleged, in a four-week trial, to have played the leading role in a major conspiracy to supply class A drugs across West and North Yorkshire

  • R v Hoskins – St Albans C.C. Acquittal of man charged with the attempted murder, by strangulation, of his wife.