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Fraud and Financial Crime

  • R v Eastwood & others - Winchester C.C. A 2-month trial of 4 men charged with conspiracy to defraud a large number of old-age pensioners out of their life savings.

  • R v Willison & others   - Winchester C.C. A conspiracy to obtain motorcycles worth £4 million pounds; this was the largest case of its type.

  • R v   Baker & others  - Southwark C.C. The defendant played the leading role in this large-scale ‘fresh-air invoicing’ fraud. Guilty plea.

  • R v Wilson – Chichester C.C. The defendant was charged with a £1 million fraud against his bank.

  • R v Connors – Northampton C.C. The defendant pleaded guilty to money laundering offences from which he gained in excess of £1 million.

  • R v Phillips - Bournemouth C.C. This defendant was charged with forgery and a large fraud in relation to his activities as a company director.

  • R v Alam & Others – Manchester C.C. A substantial money-laundering case, in which the prosecution offered no further evidence against this defendant, part-way through the trial.