Ashley Hendron

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Sexual Offences

Current Instructions:

R v P (Woolwich CC) (2017) Sexual assault – case requires an Intermediary & use of ATC toolkits

Notable Cases:

R v A (Harrow CC) - Alleged sexual assault and dangerous driving

R v M (Derby CC) (2016) historical Alleged Assault by Penetration on a child. Intermediary required given specific difficulties present.

R v R (Derby CC) (2016) Serious and violent multiple Rape case involving issues to do with dangerousness, mental health and Religious overtones

R v W (2014) (Harrow CC) - Assault by penetration. Historical allegations. Use of the ATC toolkits was necessary for the cross examination of the complainant.

R v DN (2015) (Wood Green CC) - Stranger rape in a dwelling. Defence Intermediary required. Full preparation including ATC toolkits & ground rules hearing.

R v AC (2015) (Snaresbrook CC) - Sexual Assault - involved allegations of use of a noxious substance and the defendant's vehicle.