Ashley Hendron

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Organised Crime

Notable Cases:

R v F (Blackfriars CC) (2018) – 6 week multi-handed trial relating to Large Scale Conspiracy for the Supply of “Skimming Devices” – Operation Academy Part 2

R v S (2017) (CCC) Section 16 Possession of a Firearm with intent to endanger life – loaded sawn off shotgun, hidden in park. Acquitted of aggravated offence.

R v S (2018) (Snaresbrook CC) Section 16A Possession of Imitation Firearm with intent to cause fear of violence involving “drive by” in East London

R v K (Aylesbury CC) (2017) Alleged group kidnapping – acquitted of all matters

R v B (Leicester CC) (2016) Conspiracy to supply Cannabis – Operation Kafton

R v H (Leicester CC) (2016) Substantial 1kg Cocaine supply – Operation Backer

R v M (Nottingham CC) 15 handed conspiracy to supply Class A drugs. Allegations involve multi kilogram sales between Alleged Organised Crime Groups across the country. (Operations Feast and Zephyr)

R v SA (Isleworth CC) – Led Junior – complex HMRC/UKBA prosecution of multi handed conspiracies to import contraband through air and sea (Operation Bypass).

R v RP (Wolverhampton CC) – Led Junior – complex Money laundering multi-handed case involving the alleged use of companies as vehicles for fraud.

R v BC (Winchester CC) – Led Junior – complex multi-handed conspiracy to import class A and class B drugs and money laundering alleged over a period of ten years. Evidence included material from recorded prison calls, evidence from Spain, Ireland and Costa Rica (SOCA Operation Beath).

R v LS (St Albans CC) – Multi-handed conspiracy to burgle 17 different properties with a large number of other TIC matters. Evidence included tracking devices and surveillance.

R v KG (Maidstone CC) – represented administrator of Internet Forum allegedly involved in distribution of Copyright protected / Trademark material and facilitating fraud under the Serious Crime Act 2007.

R v AJ (2013) (Kingston CC) - Conspiracy to burgle Schools of computer equipment. Allegations involved more than 100 schools.

R v AM (2014) (CCC) - Led Junior - complex conspiracy to import Skorpion machine pistols into the UK from Germany. (Operation Namix)

R v DB (2015) (Stoke on Trent CC) - 14 handed conspiracy to supply class A drugs at a regional level. (Operation Foxtrot)

R v P (2015) (Bristol CC) - Drug supply including 1kg of MDMA and 26kg of Amphetamine. (Part of Operation Zeus)

R v A (2016) (Carlisle CC) – Conspiracy to supply Cannabis bound for Scotland from Berkshire.